No matter if you spend a high or low price on quality jeans, all pairs need some TLC after years of wear and tear. Hemming denim is especially important if you want to camouflage the age of your favorite blues. Denim hems offer clean, precise lines that give you a fashion-forward look.

You might think after acquiring a few holes in your denim, it's time to put it out to pasture. Think again! Denim Therapy's denim reweaving services completely repair rips and snags, close holes, and strengthen weak fabric.

Contact us today to begin discussing denim reweaving services. Trust us, we believe it's worth keeping your favorite pair of denim pants. While we typically recommend sending us any pair of jeans, we avoid jegging repairs due to their lack of cotton materials.


We can repair rips and snags with our proprietary reweaving technique. Our soft gauze fabric and blend of cotton and polyester threads are carefully selected to match your denim, so the repair will be virtually invisible. And don't worry if the fresh repair feels a little stiff at first. It will soften with wear and washing. NOTE: Our repairs are ideal for jeans with 90% cotton content or higher. Jegging repairs may not fall under warranty.

Starting at - $30 up to 3 inches.

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